DGtalSharp.Pdf is a cross platform .Net component which creates pdf from html. Its based-on Chromium engine and supports latest html/css syntax. 

Docker Image

DGtalSharp.Pdf can be self hosted as docker container

Docker Image

Self host docker image html2pdf and use REST endpoints to create Pdf

Pull image

docker pull hisabir/html2pdf

Run docker

docker run -p 80:80 hisabir/html2pdf

Now open url http://localhost/swagger/index.html in browser

Port can be changed using parameter '-p'. Following command will run docker on port 8888

docker run -p 8888:80 hisabir/html2pdf

Now open url http://localhost:8888/swagger/index.html in browser

OpenApi(Swagger) specs can be used to generate pdf from url/html. To create a pdf from url, simply send a request to


Note: change url port in above request

To create pdf from url send following request


FileName can be passed in url as last parameter. With following request, a Pdf with name 'GoogleDocument.pdf' will be generated/


Once you are satisfied with library, you can buy and set license key in environment variable 'LicenseKey'

docker run -p 80:80 -e LicenseKey='KEY' -it --rm hisabir/html2pdf

Note: replace 'KEY' with original key received in email

For dev environment, following command can be used

docker run -p 8888:80 -it --rm hisabir/html2pdf